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Welcome to Wise Mind Maker: Empowering You to Take Control Of Your Mind, Find your True Self and Live Your Dream Life

Our minds can often become our biggest obstacles, holding us back from living the life we truly desire. At Wise Mind Maker, we are here to help you regain control of your mind, allowing you to break free from self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. We offer a comprehensive range of courses, products, a supportive community, and personalized support to empower you on your journey towards mastering your mind.

Take control of your mind

Take control of your emotions

find peace with those you love

build a life worth living

Take Control of Your Mind, Transform Your Life

Imagine navigating life with clarity and purpose, free from the turmoil of unchecked thoughts and emotions. At Wise Mind Maker, we're dedicated to equipping you with the tools, wisdom, and support needed to reclaim your mental space and spark meaningful change. Our carefully curated courses and products are more than just lessons; they're stepping stones towards enhanced self-awareness, inner peace, and a deeper connection with your spiritual essence.

Join a Community of Like-Minded Individuals that Understand

At Wise Mind Maker, we understand the power of community. That's why we've created a welcoming and supportive space where you can connect with others who are on a similar journey of personal growth and transformation. Our community, Mindfully MomMe, for working moms with small children, allows you to share your experiences, learn from one another, and find solace and understanding in the company of like-minded individuals.

Support Every Step of the Way

We believe in the power of personalized support. Our team of dedicated mentors and coaches are here to guide you along your path, offering expert advice, answering your questions, and providing the support you need to overcome challenges and stay motivated. Whether through one-on-one coaching sessions, group discussions, or interactive workshops, we are committed to helping you thrive.

"What Transformation Awaits You at Wise Mind Maker?"

Embark on a Transformative Journey:

Joining Wise Mind Maker isn’t just about learning to quiet the mind; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey towards true self-mastery. Expect to shift from feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts to becoming the architect of your inner peace. You'll gain the clarity needed to make empowered decisions, leading you confidently towards the life you've always envisioned.

Embrace a Supportive Community:

As you grow with us, you’ll find yourself in the heart of a vibrant community. Here, growth is a shared journey. You'll exchange insights, celebrate each other's victories, and provide support through life's complexities. This collective wisdom becomes a powerful force, propelling you forward.

Acquire Tools for a Balanced Life:

Discover practical tools tailored for the working mom. Learn strategies to alleviate stress, enhance your communication, and achieve harmony between your professional aspirations and family life. Our resources are designed to address your unique challenges, fostering an environment where you can thrive.

Witness Your Resilience Flourish:

With each step, watch your capacity to navigate life's hurdles multiply. Our holistic approach ensures you're equipped to face challenges with grace and strength.

Designed for the Busy Mom:

We understand the juggle of motherhood and career. That’s why our offerings are crafted to fit seamlessly into your hectic schedule, ensuring meaningful progress without overwhelming your day.

A Commitment That Grows With You:

Becoming a founding member of Wise Mind Maker means your investment in yourself is locked in. Enjoy the benefits of your membership at today’s rates, forever. It’s not just an investment in your current well-being but a lifelong partnership on your journey to self-fulfillment and spiritual harmony.

Understanding the True Cost of Inaction

In the heart of motherhood, where every moment is a treasure and every choice impactful, inaction carries its own price. What do we stand to lose when we pause at the crossroads, hesitant to embrace change, incorporate mindfulness, and lead our families with the principles of harmonious living?

Lost Time:

Each moment is irreplaceable. Hesitation to embrace mindful and harmonious living means missing precious opportunities for connection with our children and crucial moments of personal evolution.

Deteriorating Relationships:

The weight of imbalance affects not just us but our loved ones. Stress, compounded by a lack of mindful communication, can erode the foundations of our most cherished relationships, distancing us from our children, partners, and peers.

Waning Well-being:

Our holistic health - mental, emotional, and physical - thrives on balance. Neglecting to seek equilibrium can lead us down a path of increased stress, fatigue, and health challenges, impacting our ability to be present and joyful in our roles.

Diminished Quality of Life:

Choosing inaction risks a life overwhelmed by stress, where moments of joy, peace, and fulfillment are lost in the shadow of daily demands. The vibrant tapestry of life dims when balance and harmony are left unattended.

Missed Growth Opportunities:

By not engaging in transformative practices, we forfeit the chance to explore our depths, to grow as individuals, and to refine our roles as parents and partners. The journey of self-discovery and the evolution of our interpersonal skills remain paths untraveled.

Act Now for Transformation:

The path to a life of balance, spiritual alignment, and enriched relationships begins with a single, deliberate step. Joining Mindfully MomMe isn’t just an investment in your well-being; it’s a commitment to the flourishing of your family. Here, transformative growth, balanced living, and a nurturing community await to support you.

Embark on a journey to a life where you not only survive but thrive - a life rich with fulfillment, clarity, and connection. Welcome to a place where every mom is empowered, supported, and cherished. Welcome to Mindfully MomMe.

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Discover Your Sanctuary: Mindfully MomMe

Are you a working mom who embraced motherhood later in life or possibly neurodivergent? Are you seeking balance amid the whirlwind of a demanding career, nurturing your little ones, caring for aging parents, navigating mid-life changes, and keeping your own well-being in check? You're not alone. Wise Mind Maker, LLC, unveils Mindfully MomMe, a pioneering membership designed to be your guiding light.

Mindfully MomMe isn’t just a community; it’s a metaverse-inspired sanctuary where later-in-life moms find bespoke resources, unwavering support, and soulful connections. This transformative space is dedicated to you—the mom striving to harmonize every facet of her vibrant life.

Here, you'll dive into:

Empowering Workshops: Master the art of balance between career and family.

Holistic Well-being Resources: Prioritize your health with mindfulness and self-care practices tailored for the seasoned mom.

Supportive Networks: Join hands with women walking the same path, sharing wisdom and heartfelt encouragement.

Spiritual Growth Paths: Embark on a journey of self-discovery, connecting deeply with your inner self and the universe.

Mindfully MomMe is more than a membership; it's your passage to a life where career, family, and personal growth dance in harmony. Embrace this opportunity to thrive, not just survive, as a mom who started her family journey later in life.

Let's redefine the narrative of motherhood together. Welcome to Mindfully MomMe, where every mom is celebrated, supported, and empowered to unveil her fullest potential.

Meet Gwen: The Soul Behind Wise Mind Maker & Mindfully MomMe

Hello, I'm Gwen, the creator and guiding spirit of Wise Mind Maker and the Mindfully MomMe community. My journey into motherhood began in the vibrant chapters of my late thirties, welcoming my first child at 39 and my second at 41. This path, illuminated by the challenges of fertility treatments and the joys and trials of late motherhood, has deeply shaped my understanding of the unique experiences we face as working and later-in-life moms.

With a foundation in Health and Exercise Science and profound personal growth through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), I've discovered my true calling: to empower moms with a blend of DBT principles, mindfulness, metaphysical insights, and gentle parenting techniques. This synergy forms the heart of our Mindfully Momme framework, offering a beacon of support for career-driven moms seeking equilibrium between their professional aspirations and family life.

At Mindfully MomMe, you'll uncover more than just strategies; you'll find a haven of solace, strength, and solidarity. It’s here that we weave together actionable strategies and mindfulness, creating a tapestry of resources that support you in flourishing in every aspect of motherhood and guiding you on a journey to discovering your authentic self.

Join me in this transformative adventure, where we embrace the art of thriving—not just surviving—in motherhood, career, and the quest for personal fulfillment. Let’s navigate the path to harmony and self-discovery together.

How to Find Your People and Work With Me

a 3-Step plan for your success

Access to the Mindfully MomMe community

You will get a free 14 day trial. This is a 24/7 virtual community space with access to our slack group. Find new friends and hang out with who you want to hang with.

Access to the mindfully momme community and resources

You will get a free 14 day trial. This is a 24/7 virtual community space with access to our slack group and resources such as my course "Mindfully Me"

***Most helpful

Personal coaching using my framework

Being a working mom with a business, I only have the bandwidth to work with one or two clients at a time. Email me for more information.


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