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Explore a curated collection designed with you in mind! Our tools are a treasure trove of carefully selected items that cater to the unique journey of working moms. From fidget toys to educational resources, personal products, household items, to emotion regulation aids, we've got your needs covered. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fidget Toys/Stress Relievers

Charnoel 8 Pieces Caterpillars Fidget Sensory Toy Stretchy Toy for Anxiety, Caterpillars Fuzzy Worm Noodles Play Toy for Stress Relief, Calming and Relaxing - I've used these time and time again and love them. They help sensory needs when you are stressed or emotionally off. It was love at first touch. Click the picture for my affiliate page to check them out.

Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes 25 Pack Colorful Refreezable Ice Cubes for drinks, Whiskey, Vodka or Coffee, Washable Non-Melting Ice Cubes Non-Diluting - These are helpful in times of emotional distress. You can hold them in your hands and focus on the cold, you can put them on the back of your neck, the bridge of your nose or wherever can help you find relief. The key here is changing the temperature to help bring down the emotion you are feeling. Click the picture for my affiliate page to check them out.

Pop Fidget Toys Its Ball Toy 6 PCS 3D Stress Balls It Pop Fidgets Pack Party Favors for Kids Toys Autism Sensory Toys Bulk Squeeze Toys Toddler Toys for Boys Adult Stress Relief Easter Basket Stuffers - These are great to keep your hands occupied during a meeting or when your kids are pushing all of your buttons. I personally love the feel of them and if you squeeze the ball the divots pop back out. Click the picture for my affiliate page to check them out.

CLORIS Mini Trampoline for Adults Kids, Cardio Exercise Trampoline, Thick Steel Spring Fitness Workout Rebounder Trampoline Indoor Outdoor 5 Height Adjust Load 500lbs- My toddlers LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It has a safety bar that the kids can hold as they jump. This one is great for adults as well to get that stress out! Click the picture for my affiliate page to check them out.

Baby and Toddler Must Haves

Educational & Self Development Resources

Are you a mom with a business? Are you a little neurospicy?...Meaning ADHD, OCD, AuDHD or anything under the neurodiverse umbrella? It's a BIG umbrella! The Neurospicy Academy is a place where you can get coaching, courses, business advice and resources. It also provides a 24/7 virtual meetup space to collaborate with other entrepreneurs. Apply today! New cohorts start every few months. Click the picture for my affiliate page to check it out.

Here you will find an array of DBT books and workbooks that can help if you want to delve into the DBT therapy. If it is something you are interested in, you can contact your insurance company and they can guide you to in-network practitioners in your area. I can't recommend it enough if you are struggling emotionally. Anything by Marsha Linehan (the founder of DBT) will be just fine. Click below for my affiliate link. Remember, don't believe everything you think.

Physical Health Tools

Now Foods L-Tyrosine 500mg, 300 Capsules - Non GMO - Supports Mental Alertness - 500 mg Caps - Free Form Supplement - Always check with your doctor prior to starting a new supplement. Remember, they aren't regulated by the FDA. L-Tyrosine has helped with my ADHD by improving attention, alertness and focus. It doesn't take the place of medication but can be an aid for those of us that struggle with attention.

Sober Curious/Recovery Tools

Household Items

Cool Gifts

Wise Mind Maker, LLC does not employ licensed mental health professionals. We provide courses for psychoeducational and entertainment purposes only based on personal experiences with various therapies. We've accumulated experience through our own personal experience with DBT practice and want to share it with the world.

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